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  If all the Dew
Were Diamonds

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Years of living on the road, crashing on strangers' floors and playing for sweating, screaming crowds have infused Wooster's sound with a precious ingredient known as life force. Give this Santa Cruz, CA-based soul/reggae/rock quintet's new album If All the Dew Were Diamonds a spin, and you'll hear the kind of music that can only be made by people who are neck-deep in life, with all its beauty, heartbreak, mess, marvel and mystery.

Described by various music critics as “smoldering,” “top-notch,” “one-of-a-kind,” “addictive” and “like a breath of fresh air,” the Wooster sound is a party-ready mix of California reggae and Aretha Franklin-esque soul, spiced up with hints of Motown, surf, Latin rock, funk and hip-hop. Listen closely, and you might detect a little Chili Peppers swagger, a little Dave Matthews bounce or a little Led Zep muscle. The end result? Think Sublime after anger management, or No Doubt on soul serum.

With Diamonds, the members of Wooster—vocalist Caroline Kuspa, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Brian Gallagher, lead guitarist Zack Donoghue, bassist/guitarist Bobby Hanson and drummer Nate Fredrick—graduate from being “one of Santa Cruz’s liveliest local acts” (Santa Cruz Weekly) to being one of the hottest, sassiest, most dynamic acts around, period. All the elements that made their 2009 debut album The Heights of Things sparkle are back in bigger and badder form: tight musicianship, lead vocals that soar and simmer, ultra-catchy melodies, harmonies smoother than Malibu rum, choruses that kill, uptempo numbers that burn, softer tunes that soothe, and above all else, grooves that could disable even the strongest anti-dancing muscles.

As Gallagher explains, the title If All the Dew Were Diamonds is a reference to a conversation between two hung-over paisanos (countrymen) in the Steinbeck novel “Tortilla Flat.” “The paisanos may be penniless and adrift, but they get to lounge around in the morning sun watching the dew sparkle in the grass,” he says. It’s a lifestyle that Wooster can relate to. “We’re not coming home from tour with hundred dollar bills falling out our pockets, but what we are coming home with is real-deal, salt-of-the-earth experiences,” Gallagher notes. “I’ll bet you there’s a CEO somewhere wishing he could trade his bald spot for some drink tickets and a chance to stand onstage and pour his heart out.”

The line “I’m gonna live until the day I die” from Diamonds’ last track, “Day I Die,” says it all: these five music-worshipping road warriors intend to keep living full-tilt, full-color, full-on, all the way to the final cut. In the process, they’ll keep cranking out some of the most irresistible grooves on the planet, and they’ll continue to remind us where the real wealth is: right before our eyes.

Recent Highlights:

* First Guam tour including a five day residency at Ralphy's.

* Wooster's song "New York" was used in a commercial for PIX 11 - Watch it on Vimeo HERE

* Made their first trip to Austin, TX for SXSW this past March. Did it totally DIY and had over
  10 unofficial showcases.

* One of Wooster's new tracks being featured in a Universal Audio international promotional video for
  their new Apollo system which debuted at NAMM 2012

* Securing a monthly showcase at The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco.

* Performing with some of their favorite contemporaries including Rubblebucket, The Bright Light
  Social Hour and The Hold Up.

* Hitting over 200,000 views on Ooh Girl YouTube video and over 2,500 likes on Facebook.

* Playing numerous summer festivals including Whole Earth, Wordfest, Bask Music, Rocking Roots,
  ZuhGfest, Capitola Twilight and the Crow's Nest Beach Party.

Wooster will be touring nationwide in support of their sophomore album throughout 2012-2013 .  Every performance is a celebration.  Consider yourself cordially invited to the party.

Brian Gallagher – (Vox, Rhythm Guitar)
Brian Gallagher
(Vox, Rhythm Guitar)

If you wanna know what the music is about, witness Gallagher's emphatic attack of strings and mic.

With sonic courage from the strength of the band and a raw honesty in his lyrics, Brian lays it down in loving memory of Sammy Davis and the wet streets of New York City.

Caroline Kuspa – (Lead Vocals)
Caroline Kuspa
(Lead Vocals)

With a voice coming straight from the depths of her soul, Caroline’s singing chops and emotive power will move you.

From the most delicate tearful melodies to the sassiest delta blues queen this side of the Mississippi, let’s just say Aretha would be proud. Fresh on the stage for the last two years Caroline keeps the crowds filing through the door for more, more, more.

Zack Donoghue – (Lead Guitar)
Zack Donoghue
(Lead Guitar)

Local heartbreaker since the age of 11, Zack brings the sounds of Cali roots straight from the heart of Santa Cruz.

Part rock, part skank, and entirely tasteful, his power is in his fresh ‘Strat’ tone and his ability to fatten up even the thickest of beats. Call it reggae, rock, funk, or hip hop, Zack came to make it sexy.

Bobby Hanson – (Bass)
Bobby Hanson

If you felt your booty move tonight then it’s probably because of this man.  Bobby Hanson mixes technical prowess and melodic, pumping basslines to whip up a frenzy of grounding shaking thunder-funk. He is dedicated to the dance floor, and doesn’t rest until he can feel the steam from the stage.

Having performed with hip hop legends Souls of Mischief and a handful of local bands Bobby is right at home with the Woo, serving up rich bowls of creamy funk for all earth people and beyond.

Nate Fredrick – (Drums)
Nate Fredrick

When the drummer stops a rehearsal to arrange a vocal harmony part, change the key, and suggest a new chord voicing on the guitar, you know you’ve found percussionary gold.

The son of a music teacher, Nate started his professional music career before he started shaving, and continues to impress as a musical and mechanical MacGyver. Broken down van? Busted Amp? In search of a new song part? Find him a spork, a snap bracelet, and a pair of drumsticks and you’re right back on the road.

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"Three Legged Dog"
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"Ooh Girl'

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